Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Going Blonde: What Shade Is Right For You?

Its that time of year my friends, Spring is right around the corner, and I am so ready to say buh-bye to all my drab, blah winter clothes and incorporate some sunshine into my life. Around this time of year, I like to lighten up my hair to get ready for the impending warmer weather, and it just makes me feel bright and happy to change up my color a bit for Spring. Going Blonde (or even lightening up your hair) can be quite scary, and it is pretty hard to decide on a light shade that is going to work for you. I thought it would be nice to write a little post about choosing the right blonde shade for your skin tone to make your hair color makeover just a tad bit easier :)

Best Blonde For Darker Complexion
Just because your skin is dark, doesn't mean you are destined to be an eternal brunette. Girls with darker skin tones can totally pull off blonde without looking like Malibu barbie, heres how:

  • Choose a deep, golden hue that will flatter your olive tones
  • Ask your stylist to choose a blonde shade that is darker, and incorporates some warmer tones
  • Start off slow: Try starting off with some deep golden highlights, and gradually keep adding more. This is less harmful to your hair, especially if you are going from dark brown to lighter color.

Celeb Examples: Kim Kardashian, J-Lo & Jessica Alba

Best Blonde For Medium Complexions
For all you gals with medium complexions, you are a lucky bunch because most colors, no matter how light or dark will work great with your skin tone. You have many shades to choose from, however, here are a few tips in helping you choose a nice blonde color.

  • Don't go more than three shades lighter than your natural. If you do, you will have to commit to more frequent touch ups, and this means more $$ to be spent at the salon
  • Dimensional blondes will look great on you, try a warm blonde with soft, golden highlights aroudn the face to give a sun kissed look
  • Ask your stylist to choose an all over lighter shade, and add some light, soft, honey blonde highlights around the face for a perfect sun kissed look

Celeb Examples: Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson & Ashley Tisdale

Best Blonde For Lighter Complexions
Lucky for you, fair skin can pull off beautiful blonde shades with ease. Here are a few general rules to stick with when choosing a lighter do.

  • Choose a shade with cool undertones to cancel out any redness in your skin
  • Platinum blonde can work great for your skin tone, however, remember the lighter you go from your natural color, the more upkeep and frequent visits to the salon for touchups you will need
  • Ask your stylist to choose a blonde shade with Violet tones to cancel out any warmth or brassiness
  • For a multi dimensional look, choose a neutral blonde all over, and highlight with platinum, cool tones
Celebrity Inspiration: Kate Bosworth, Reese Witherspoon, & Amanda Seyfriend

A few more coloring tips:
  • When going blonde, it is always good to have your base color be a little darker than your ends. This allows your blonde hair color to look natural as opposed to peroxide blonde.
  • Darker blonde can also be added underneath the hair, as your hair is naturally a bit darker underneath and at the roots.
  • Make sure you grab a nice toning conditioner or professional product to take home with you. This will keep your blonde looking fresh in between salon visits. Redken makes a great toning conditioner, one for golden blondes and one for platinum blondes. Ask your stylist for details
  • If your roots are starting to show, but your not quite ready for the whole shebang, ask your stylist for a root touch up, and instead of highlighting the rest, she can apply a toner that will refresh your ends making them look freshly colored.
  • And always, make sure you are kind to your new blonde locks. Going lighter damages the hair, so it is important to use professional shampoo and conditioner. Also, if you are a flat iron freak like me, use a thermal protectant spray...trust me, your hair will love you for it.
(and by love you, i mean it wont fall out )


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